I have my own brush line - shop them worldwide now! http://goo.gl/SQb2rJ -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Sorry for the "Serial Killer Drawings! lol This is my story... I was born on the 4th of March 1978. At 18 months old - i was "given" to my real mothers Brother and his wife. There were reasons for this - but i won't get into that right now. So anytime i refer to my mum i'm talking about the women that raised me - she is my mother. They couldn't have children so it was the right decision. I don't have lots of memories as a child - i'm not sure why. I guess a mental block. I don't remember my real parents or being with them as a baby. I only remember my mum. I hated school. I never fit in. I was quite. Shy. But i was funny. But i was still not liked. I HATED it with a passion and couldn't' wait to leave. Leaving school for me was when i finally became myself. I remember my mum buying me some blue and pink eyeshadows so that i could make her up. She was so supportive. I was about 8 or 10 at the time. My mum and sad separated when i was 12. I knew of the separation long before but for many reason we (my mum and me) couldn't leave until i was legally able to state whom i wanted to live with. As my blood tie lies with my dad. The song - Silent all these years - but Tori Amos always reminds me of my Dad and who we felt. I love my dad but he was a pain in the ass. He loved me and i felt loved but he wasn't the loveliest of men. My mum deserved so much more and scarified much of her life to raise me. I adore my mother. My mum met Dave when i was about 15. He was the most perfect man you've ever seen. He was tiny! Just over 5ft tall. And round. He was perfection. He treated me as his own. He listened to me. He talked to me like an adult. I loved him. I loved college/uni. It was amazing. I was finally myself. People got my humour. I was me. I left home at 19, studied exercise and nutrition then at 20 moved to South Wales. Which is about an hour and half away from home. I knew no one. But i love Wales and its my home. I worked in exercise and the gym as well as for an IFA for many, many years. Just after 20 i got acne and my whole life changed. I became fascinated with skin. Perfect skin. This is where i remembered my interest in makeup. I was self taught until i went to London to do a course and qualified. YOU DO NOT NEED A QUALIFICATION IN MAKEUP. BELIEVE ME. Life is so strange. I"m 35 now. It feels old but i've never felt better about myself. Its strange isn't it. When i was younger i was thinner, but i didn't feel good about how i looked. I feel comfortable now in my own skin. Growing a beard at 26 was the best thing i ever did. I felt like i'd come into my own. I wish i could say it was lots of joys growing up. I had a lovely childhood but i have memories id rather not have. But i have a mother whom i adore and who loves me for me. She accepts me and wouldn't change me. When my mother and i had a "talk" about me - and whom i wanted to love. She listened. She cried. She made me feel so loved. Not once did she ever try and change me or make me feel bad. She is perfection. We don't' talk everyday. We don't need to. But we talk every week if not more. I have loved people in my life and some have stayed and some have gone. I've never been one to place the blame. I'm always aware of my part in any situation. I wish i wasn't so shy when it comes to new people "i like". It comes across as rude or "not interested". I'm neither of those things. I just find it hard to talk to strangers that i'm attracted too! I love my job. I love makeup more than i can express. Its my dream and i'm grateful for it. Youtube changed my life. It gave me a platform from which to discuss. And some many of you understood what i was trying to stay. I thank you for that. And before i end this, let me say, one more time. Thank you. You are all just perfection and i adore you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you xxxx
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