These Are The Most Popular Manicures On Pinterest

These Are The Most Popular Manicures On Pinterest

Sometimes Pinterest trends leave us wondering if we're doing it all wrong. Is everyone really this good at turning a broken coffee mug into a bedside table? Can you really make that beautiful meal in 10 minutes or less? But when a totally fun, do-able trend catches our eye, we're so thankful to scroll that  aesthetic wonderland and Pin away. One of our favorite new trends is the chrome manicure, and it turns out, we're in good company.

The eye-catching, mirror-in-a-pinch chrome manicure has taken over Pinterest in a big way. With 'chrome nail' searches up a whopping 570% (almost 400% higher than the second most popular marble manicure), those attracted to this unique, gleaming finish are not alone. It's no wonder that this chrome finish is so popular. With incredible looks like this gold mani...

...or this beautiful rose gold look, these manicures are basically semi-permanent bling.

One of our favorite things about this trend is the many creative ways artists have used the chrome finish. This holographic coloring brings us right back to our Pokemon card days...

...while this matte look is balanced out by gleaming tips.

So, if you were searching for a new nail look to fall in love with, look no further. Happy Pinning!

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