NARS' Iconic Orgasm Blush Is Now Available In Liquid Form

nars orgasm

I was in college when I first dabbled into the beauty world. I can still remember feeling ecstatic about setting up my first ever makeup kit. I would spend hours and hours on the computer searching for the best starter products that would complete my collection, and I would spend countless hours in drugstores and cosmetics chains trying out eyeshadows, lipsticks, and my favorite beauty items; blushes. 

The brand that would always come up when I was on the hunt for my first set of blushers was NARS. They had quite an extensive collection of stunning colors that had cheeky names, and the shade that always stood out was Orgasm. It's a pretty peach-pink shade with flecks of gold that would give anyone a natural golden-pink radiance. Since its release in the year 1999, it has flown off shelves and been adored by many celebrities, eventually reaching cult status. Simply speaking, Orgasm is (and probably always will be) the holy grail of blushes. 

This year, the well-loved product has a brand-spanking new look and formula in a dewy bottled form.

This isn't the first time that it's gone through a major rehaul. NARS first transformed the iconic peachy-pink hue into a liquid illuminator and a lipgloss. Now they're keeping the Orgasm mania going with the introduction of its only liquid iteration.

Along with liquid Orgasm, NARS is releasing three more blush spinoffs: Torrid, Luster and Dolce Vita. And it doesn't stop there! Orgasm will also be coming in lipstick form and a limited-edition blush compact.

Mark your calendars, ladies. The collection will be available to buy starting May 15. Get ready to order in bulk!

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