Make Your Eyes Look HUGE With These 7 Makeup Tricks

Make Your Eyes Look HUGE With These 7 Makeup Tricks
Brian Quist

The eyes are the focal point of the face, which makes the day after a night out difficult to hide. If you want to look alert and fresh faced without overdosing on espresso, the answer lies in makeup. Disguise a rough night, or simply brighten up your usual look, by using the magic of mascara, concealer, and your trusted white eyeliner. No one will ever know about the night you had if you follow these steps!

1. Take care of your under eye area.


Use color correcting concealer to hide any dark circles under your eyes. Blending in a peachy concealer above your foundation will help avoid smaller looking eyes.

2. Shape up your eyebrows.

Well shaped eyebrows offer a much better frame for your eyes than an ungroomed pair. Tweeze any stray hairs and fill in with powder or pomade to better emphasize your peepers just below.

3. When it comes to eyeliner, think thin.


Use a liquid liner to stay dangerously close to your lash line. This will give your eyelashes a bigger canvas to shine and draw more attention to your eyes.

4. Emphasize your crease.

Use a lighter eyeshadow as your base and define your crease with a color one or two shades darker. Brush outwards to soften the look.

5. Remember your waterline.


The oldest trick in the book is using white liner on your waterline to make your eyes appear bigger. You can also take it a step further by lining just below your bottom lash line in the center and thickening the line as you go outwards.

6. Don't be afraid of huge lashes.

When it comes to making your eyes look bigger, you have to go all out on your lashes. Curl them and apply a couple coats of your favorite volumizing mascara. You can even use falsies to add extra emphasis to your eyes.

7. Highlight your assets.


A shimmery highlighter, or even just a champagne eyeshadow, at the inner corners of your eyes, on your brow bone, or at the center of your lids will make your eyes pop. This tiny hack will make you look wide awake, even if you got three hours of sleep the night before.

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