This #NotMyArms Beauty Challenge Hilariously Shows Guy Applying His Girlfriend's Makeup And We're Losing It!

Lauren Frank Beauty
LP Beauty via Facebook

Lauren Frank probably never imagined she'd be a viral sensation when she first agreed to let her boyfriend, Hank, do her makeup as part of the #NotMyArms Beauty Challenge. But she couldn't be more wrong.

Lauren, an independent rep for Younique Cosmetics, participated in a 90-day live video challenge on Facebook, and, one day, something hilarious happened. 

“Before the live started, we both said and agreed that he was going to actually try to do a good job, and not just purposely make me look terrible,” Lauren told Yahoo Lifestyle. “I was really unsure of what my makeup was going to turn out like, and I was really unsure of whether or not the video would even be funny.”

Funny? Check.

The video, which somehow lasts 45 minutes, has been viewed nearly 34,000 times. And, of all the hilarious lines, we can't quite stop laughing at the last one.

“You can have a look like this, too,” Lauren said. “All you have to do is re-watch this video; it’s a full tutorial. It’s gonna go viral probably.” 

Hank, you get an C for effort, but an A+ for comedic effect.

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