This Makeup Artist's Transformation Into A Bratz Doll Will Leave You Absolutely Speechless

promise tang bratz doll
@promisetang via instagram

We all have different goals. As it turns out, some people aspire to turn themselves into human versions of plastic versions of humans—which is, if you think about it, seriously meta.

Promise Tamang is one such person who has not only aspired to achieve this goal, but has actually accomplished it. Tamang is a makeup artist by day, and a self-appointed "transformation queen" by night. Her latest transformation was turning herself into a literal Bratz doll.

First of all, the eyes. Second of all...the eyes!

If you look close, you'll see how Tamang did it. Her eyes are actually in the center of the painted-on eye; she drew over and above her eyes to make them look four times bigger. Also, is that a wig or some serious extension work? Even her outfit is completely on point. We are shook.

People obviously freaked out about Tamang's transformation. And since Tamang has over 1 million followers on Instagram, it was no small freak out. She then obviously had to post a tutorial of her Bratz look on her YouTube channel, explaining to her followers how she went about completing such a dead-on Bratz doll look:

Tamang literally draws a cartoon eye around her real life eye, and cartoon lips around her real lips, creating a larger-than-life look that is equal parts amazing and creepy.

It's no surprise that her YouTube channel has 4.8 million subscribers. Transforming your facial features this dramatically is an advanced art form, basically equal to painting a canvas. Also, you've got to give Tamang mad respect for her commitment to the look, finding the exact right outfit and accessories.

Although the Bratz look is one of the most popular ones on her Instagram and YouTube channel, there's no shortage of other amazing transformations featured on her social media feed.

This Betty Boop look is almost as frighteningly realistic as the Bratz one. It's definitely the eyes again. Realizing that there are a tiny set of real eyes inside a massive set of fake eyes is a pretty surreal experience.

The only question left is which look Tamang will take on next!

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