This Disgusting Blackhead Video Has Been Viewed 21 Million Times And We Totally Get Why

This Disgusting Blackhead Video Has Been Viewed 21 Million Times And We Totally Get Why
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Who doesn't love good pimple popping videos? Maybe you don't outwardly love them, but you cannot help but watch them. There is something so mesmerizing and satisfying about watching a big ole' blackhead finally erupting and being pulled out. 

They're all over the Internet so maybe you're a little desensitized at this point. But this one… It's one for the ages. 

All we can say is oh my god, oh my god…. over and over and over again. It just keeps getting better or worse, depending on your perspective.

The video is magnified so it takes it to a whole other level. It is pretty strange seeing what seems like a little clear fluid up close and person. It seems so much gooier. And the video isn't just a pimple, no no. Quickly it becomes obvious that it's a whole bunch of ingrown hairs. At one point they're all poppin' at once. 

Once an actual hair is pulled out it'll leave you thinking WTF?! But you can't look away. 

Mach5Weird posted the video on Facebook, and the comments are wild. In a time where everyone seems to be fighting on social media, there is nothing like a pimple popping video to bring everyone together. Everyone seems to have the same reaction of "WTF?!" and "can't look away!"

Here's the video from Match5Weird. If you are eating or plan to anytime soon, as mesmerizing as it, maybe give it some time. It's a doozie of ooze, puss, hair and scabs. Yum! 

We firmly warn everyone who wants to checkout the rest of Mach5Weird videos. They will definitely mess up your day.

If this video is not enough for and you are dying for more, here is one of Dr. Pimple Popper's latest cyst extractions. This one has so much puss, it will make you never want to eat cottage cheese ever again. 

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