Sephora Just Cast Their Own Employees In New Holiday Ad Celebrating Diversity & We're Straight Up Celebrating


In their latest ad campaign for the holiday season, Sephora took the road less traveled with its strategy: it ditched all professional models within its ads and selected actual Sephora employees to highlight the importance of diversity and inclusivity.

Unsurprisingly, the photos are killer. And TBH, we couldn't be happier. Sometimes it seems like there's a never-ending torrent of bad things happening every time you turn on the television. So, it's a pretty big relief to see a massive company, like Sephora—that doesn't necessarily have to do the "right thing"—do something to encourage empathy and celebrate diversity. 

Apparently, Sephora selected ten employees from various store locations in North America. These employees are male, female, and every skin tone in the book—and yes, they look like total rock stars.

@Sephora via Instagram

The campaign, formally titled Reach Out and Gift, was initially framed as a contest for employees. Over 1,000 employees applied to be a face of the campaign.

"To enter the contest, Sephora employees were required to submit a video of themselves talking about what beauty means to them. Of the employees chosen are Chaimae Boulayad, a hijab-wearing Moroccan employee, Joanna Samano, who suffers from alopecia, and Terrel Britten, an esthetician who works at Sephora in Beverly Hills," says Pop Sugar.

The purpose of the Reach Out and Gift campaign is to encourage people to connect with others through beauty gifts, which requires an intimate understanding of the person that you're purchasing gifts for.

@Sephora via Instagram

The idea of turning beauty industry stereotypes on their head is a brilliant move by Sephora. Instead of advertising makeup as a way to conceal your flaws and turn you into something you're not, they're emphasizing the importance of using beauty products to highlight your own diverse look. One can only hope that other companies will follow in Sephora's footsteps, casting away some of their model-centric ads and focusing instead on creating approachable and relatable campaigns.

We will definitely be participating in the Reach Out and Gift campaign. Talk about a holiday season no-brainer!

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