Oprah Winfrey's Former Makeup Artist Is Giving Free Makeovers To Women In His Hometown

Reggie Wells
Algerina Purna for The Baltimore Sun

Oprah's former makeup artist Reggie Wells is giving free makeovers to the women who live in his retirement community.

The 69-year-old artist relocated from Chicago to Weinberg Manor in Park Heights a year and a half ago to be near his 96-year-old father. Sadly, we live in a society where we dismiss the young and discard the old. Wells wasn't going to be one of those people. "I'm giving back my life to him while he's on earth," he said about his father.

Armed with a bevy of makeup brushes and tools, a loving spirit, a razor-sharp wit, and plenty of celebrity tea, Wells has become quite popular in his community and a source of inspiration. After working for Oprah Winfrey for nearly 30 years and countless other celebrities including Destiny's Child, Halle Berry, Michelle Obama, Jay Z, and Tupac (yes, he's done everybody), Wells is grounded by the fact that there is power in giving.

His free services can include a day trip to a photography studio where Wells performs his makeover magic and then has the ladies' pictures taken. 

The residents want to be acknowledged and they want to know that someone cares. And Wells is on a mission to make people feel beautiful, wanted, and important. "What I learned from Oprah is why I am doing this today," he told the Baltimore Sun. "I'm doing this for the forgotten people of families. I'm taking unknown mothers and grandmothers and giving them the type of makeovers that Oprah would give."

Wells hopes to offer his services on a larger platform, but for now being able to brighten the days of the ladies at Weinberg Manor while spending time with his father will suffice. "You extend yourself and leave parts of yourself behind. If you don't give, you don't receive."

Amen to that.

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