Now You'll Never Buy The Wrong Shade Of Foundation Again

Now You'll Never Buy The Wrong Shade Of Foundation Again

Finding the perfect foundation shade is right up there with finding a roommate you're compatible with, finding a romper that fits if you've got a long torso, or finding a bra that feels good, fits in every area, and looks cute; it's hard! Now, CoverGirl has created an app to make this harrowing task so much easier.

For those who prefer purchasing makeup online rather than elbowing their way through Sephora aisles to swatch a bunch of products, foundation matching is especially tough. It's pretty much a given that the color payoff won't be just right if you're buying a foundation for the first time on the internet, but now CoverGirl's new Custom Blend app has an answer to the internet makeup-shopper's prayers. 

Using their very own patent-pending "Tone Logic" technology, combined with a 180 degree video feature that adjusts to light when you take a selfie and a questionnaire, the app scans your skin to figure out the perfect foundation shade for your skin tone and undertones. 

That's not where the customization ends! Once you're done tone-matching, you're given four different label cover options, and three different font options. You can even name your shade whatever you'd like to put the cherry on top of your perfect, unique shade! So cute.  

Sounds expensive, right? Staying true to their drugstore price point, CoverGirl provides all of this at just $25 (shipping included). A 10 minute questionnaire, a few selfies, and a tone-match at a fraction of the cost of a department store's color-matching? We'll take it!

The Custom Blend app is available in your App Store now!

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