Negative Space Eyebrows Are The Newest It-Trend & We’re Not Sure How We Feel

negative space eyebrow
@kapasovia via Instagram

After squiggle eyebrows, we honestly thought the wacky eyebrow trend had jumped the shark. Turns out, there are infinite possibilities for weird things you can do to your eyebrows. The latest trend is negative space eyebrows and we're not sure how we feel about them yet. These brows look like someone saw a ghost and their brows got so scared that they jumped right off of their face!

The negative space eyebrow has been spearheaded by a French makeup artist named Kapasovia. She uses professional strength wax and spirit gum to hide her brow hairs and then outlines them with Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade. Then, she fills in the space where her brows would normally go with an ivory shade from the Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics palette.

Kapasovia was even inspired to do her entire face in "negatives." She wrote on Instagram: "I received so many requests to make full face of my negatives, it had to happen!"

This French MUA says her eyebrow inspiration came from looking at photos of the artist Salvia, whose own striking bare brows are like naturally occurring negative space brows. 

There have yet to be many copy-cat versions of Kapasovia's brows, but TBH, we're not shocked. It's a lot of work to look like you're going to a Halloween party.

If you find this look alluring, we'd suggest bleaching your brows. It's a lot less freaky and a lot less work. Yes, it's permanent, but you can always fill in your brows if you don't like it. Also brows DO grow back—slowly, but they do. 

We're guessing that the negative space trend was born out of the growing backlash to the "bold brow" or "Instagram brow." While the bold brow look grew in popularity and spread like wildfire all over Instagram, it seems that brow-enthusiasts are now growing weary of this painted-on trend.

Eyebrows are getting so bold, so "on fleek," and so perfectly manicured they are looking less like brows and more like eyebrow calligraphy. So if you're over the bold brow, and just done with tweezing, filling in, and outlining in general, then maybe negative space eyebrows are right up your alley.

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