M.A.C.'s New Palette Is For Basics And We're Kind Of Feeling It

M.A.C.'s New Palette Is For Basics And We're Kind Of Feeling It

Let's face it, we all fall somewhere on the basic bitch spectrum. Whether you're a full-blown Starbucks-chugging, Ugg boot-wearing, Audrey Hepburn-worshipping babe or someone who'd be considered ~alternative~ but still consumes every bit of the Bachelor franchise on the low, we can all agree that while the term has become synonymous with being a vapid airhead (among other untrue assumptions about the everyday BB), there's nothing wrong with the cute comforts of the basic bitch lifestyle.

It seems that MAC agrees! They've created an eyeshadow palette named for the Basic Bitch who lives within us all.

Recently, celebrity makeup artist Netta Szekely unveiled MAC's newest offering on her Instagram during some downtime at Milan Fashion week, and the color palette looks like it'd cover all of your *ahem* basic needs for plenty of eyeshadow looks.

The palette features eight shadows, with an even split between mattes and shimmers, and colors range from deep plum ("Hell In Hells") to bone-white ("Me Me Me"). The biggest color in the pan, "Love This Bitch,"  appears to be a beautiful, soft highlight. Much like a night in with the girls, sauv blanc, and a Sex and the City marathon, what more could you need?

MAC has yet to set a release date for the palette, but when they do, we'll be there with North Face-covered arms wide open.

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