The Hills' Kristin Cavallari Helps The Environment By Launching A Green Makeup Line


Kristin Cavallari has already given jewelry and shoe design a try, so it should come as no surprise that she's started to branch out into makeup. 

But Cavallari isn't promoting just any makeup collection. Young Living's Savvy Minerals collection is the first from Young Living Essential Oils. The company is based in Utah and specializes in green makeup. While they specialize in organic essential oils, they have a wide range of products, from eyeliner to bronzer as well as a translucent finishing powder. There are even an all-natural, skin-soothing finishing spray and lip glosses infused with peppermint oil. Not only that, but Every product is plant-based and is also made without synthetics and fillers. 

Given the company's focus on green makeup, it makes sense that they got in touch with Cavallari to help promote its new collection. Cavallari has long been a proponent of natural living. She's written books with healthy recipes, and also makes a point to include essential oils in her daily personal wellness routine. In fact, she makes a point to never travel anywhere without lavender oil, which happens to be a Young Living product.  

But even with all these healthy lifestyle choices, Cavallari felt that her makeup routine needed a touch of green.  

“[Young Living] kind of just naturally saw that I was a fan through interviews that I’d done or social media postings,” Cavallari said. “They’re a brand that you can actually trust and that’s not true for most brands. I always have peace of mind using their products.”

Although many companies may say they're truly earth-friendly, Young Living lives up to these claims. Every product's ingredients can be found on the Young Living website as well as a detail description of the company's sourcing and farming practices. 

Equally important is the fact that these green products work, which isn't always the case with eco-makeup.

Anyone who wants to try a new range of makeup and essential oils and has sensitive skin will appreciate the limited ingredients of Savvy Minerals' new collection. That, and it's a big weight off your mind to know that none of your makeup has been tested on animals and is good for the earth too. 

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