Is Peel-Off Foundation The Newest Magic Product You Need In Your Beauty Arsenal?

Raye Boyce
ItsMyRayeRaye via YouTube

If you have trouble with clogged pores and breakouts that come with wearing makeup, then a peel-off foundation might be just the answer for you! This product claims to act as a protective layer between your skin and makeup that keeps dirt and irritants away from your skin.

There's just on problem, though. Beauty vlogger Raye Boyce put the NOT4U Real Skin Patch to the test with her "Buy? or Bye!" challenge and it failed miserably after several tries. The Korean-made product retails for $19.98, but you'd be better off spending that money somewhere else.

On every single attempt, the product dried too quickly and started to peel on its own whether her application was a thick or thin layer. Applying liquid foundation or concealer with her fingertips or with a makeup brush yielded the same results: rapid peeling, streaking, a bumpy texture, and discoloration.

Boyce says that she has skin challenges that a product like this could likely solve so she really put in extra effort to get it just right. The Real Skin Patch is just terribly wrong. "It's not working guys," Boyce lamented. "When you see products on Instagram, you can't always believe it."

While she liked the texture of her skin a bit better while wearing the product, its overall performance is a lose-lose. "I guess you gotta choose: a little more texture or a bunch of pimples," Boyce said.

If someone actually comes up with a formula that works, peel-off foundation could be the next big thing in makeup. But according to Raye Boyce, the Real Skin Patch is definitely a "Bye!"

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