Here's How To Bleach Your Hair Without Messing It Up!

Here's How To Bleach Your Hair Without Messing It Up!

Bleaching your hair can make or break your look. Many celebrities pull off bottle blonde well, from Kim Kardashian to Lady Gaga. What these star-studded hairstyles don't show off is the dangers that come along with drenching your hair with the powerful chemicals required to take your hair up a few tones. Not to fret, though, there's plenty of ways to ensure you aren't going bald by bleaching your hair!

The first step is to make sure you condition. This couldn't be more vital. Condition days before, condition the night before, condition the day of after the process is done, condition in every given opportunity. CONDITION, CONDITION, CONDITION. This is going to be the main way to ensure your hair isn't coming out in clumps on the comb. And rest assured, if you don't treat your hair with care after bleaching, it definitely will. Some of the best conditioners can be found at Lush (American Cream will change your life!) or luxury sites like Bumble & Bumble, but there's also no reason good hair treatment can't be found at your local pharmacy. While a higher-end product may do you more good, the main point is to make sure you're conditioning in general, no matter the price tag.

Although specific names of hair care can usually be irrelevant, there's one product that needs to be emphasized: OLAPLEX. If you ask your hairdresser about it, they'll probably fangirl harder than a teenage girl at a Justin Bieber concert. And for good reason. If you bleach your hair, consider this your holy grail. Branding itself as "Insurane for your client's hair," Olaplex is the best way to make sure your hair is taken care of after a soak in the good stuff. 

Just to be clear, Olaplex IS NOT A CONDITIONER, AND DOESN'T REPLACE THE NEED FOR IT. You still HAVE to condition when using Olaplex. According to their website, "Olaplex works internally to cross link single sulfur hydrogen bonds to create disulfide bonds. Moisture and protein are entirely separate issues that should be addressed separately." That's a lot of big science words, so to break that down, Olaplex rejuvenates your damaged hair by bonding together chemicals the bleach originally destroyed. AKA, witchcraft! Harry Potter is shook! That is, if Harry Potter ever went blonde.

Not sold on Olaplex yet? Remember when I mentioned the stunning Kim K earlier in the article? Remember her BEAUTIFUL blonde locks from her platinum moment awhile back? All thanks to Olaplex, according to Nylon. And if the queen of bleached blonde is endorsing a product, it's got to be worth a shot, right?

Going blonde is risky business. We've seen celebs destroy their beautiful looks with the color (sorry, Angelina Jolie) and end up with messy hair that could never just fall in line. But with the right treatment, you could step up from a Jolie to a Gaga.

And who doesn't want to be Lady Gaga?

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