Dior Basically Came Out With False Eyelashes In A Tube And Now We Can Die Happy

Dior Basically Came Out With False Eyelashes In A Tube And Now We Can Die Happy
Dior Makeup

Dior beauty already has a stellar reputation in the mascara department. Diorshow's Iconic Mascara has long been a favorite amongst luxury makeup-lovers, and has been named a top-tier, best-of mascara by reviewers on Total Beauty and beyondNow, they've added a new mascara to the bunch and word is, it's incredible. 

Dior's new Pump N' Volume ($29.50) formula is unlike anything the company has released before, and its packaging borrows from popular Korean brand AmorePacific's award-winning mascara tube. What makes it so special, you ask? The tube is squeezable!

Although it's difficult to tell in photos, the packaging on Dior's newest product allows users to gently pump (hence the name) formula on the wand before application. This process mimics the habits of many pro makeup artists, who warm up product between their fingers before applying to ensure a smooth, no-clump finish. The result is a ridiculous amount of volume. One Pop Sugar staffer took before and after photos of herself wearing the mascara, and it's convinced us that this mascara is basically just falsies in a tube!

BEFORE. (These are her natural lashes).

AFTER. Boom! So much volume.

We're already convinced from this photo, but her review has our fingers hovering dangerously close to the "add to cart" button on Sephora's website.

"The brush grabs and coats every hair, defining them without clumping," she writes. "The formula...never makes your fringe feel stiff. This allows for lashes that are densely voluminous yet still fluttery, like a strip of falsies."

Sold! You can find Pump N' Volume here!

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