Common Ways You're Ruining Your Skin

Common Ways You're Ruining Your Skin

If you're wondering why you seem to be doing everything you're supposed to but still feel your skin is dry, too oily, or you're breaking out a lot, here are some things you could be doing to your skin that is having a negative effect. Maybe you think they help, but they actually do quite the opposite!

Over-exfoliating or exfoliating too harshly. 


You probably shouldn't exfoliate more than a few times a week. The reason behind it is that over-exfoliating sometimes gets rid of cells that aren't ready to leave yet, which can trigger irritation and inflammation, and even worsen acne breakouts. The skin then goes into dry mode, which triggers the production of oil. 

Not wearing sunscreen daily & not reapplying. 

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We can get sun damage even on a cloudy day. Keep a powder sunscreen in your car because the sun you get on your left side will be significant throughout the years. Always apply sunscreen and re apply throughout the day. Foundations with SPF are great, but most of them are only 15, and we need at least 30 to protect our skin. 

Using eye cream with mineral oil or petroleum.


Check the labels, some affordable drugstore brands could contain these ingredients and they're not absorbed easily, which makes them sit on the surface and prevents the skin from breathing.

Touching your face throughout the day.

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We're all tempted to touch our faces constantly throughout the day. Every time we do that, we add to the dirt, oil and bacteria that can get under your skin and cause problems.

Skipping moisturizer because you have oily skin.


If you're already exfoliating and especially if you're using acne treatments, that can dry up the skin and it needs to be consistently rehydrated. If you forget to moisturize, your skin can get too flakey or worse, exacerbate your acne. 

Ignoring your diet.

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You know the saying: "You are what you eat." Dairy, sugar, and processed food are linked to breakouts.  Luckily there are also certain foods that are proven to improve your skin and make it glow such as carrots, cantaloupe, kale, and berries. 

 Popping your pimples at home.

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By  popping your own pimples you are breaking the skin and immediately putting dirt and oils into the open skin. This can cause infections and much, much larger issues, like more aggressive acne and scarring. I wouldn't even pop them with a q-tip, I would let the natural course of nature do its thing. It's only temporary. It's better to have a pimple for a few days than to have a scar that lasts a lifetime.

Sticking dirty fingers into your skincare products.

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Oops, I've been doing this! Not anymore, because I found out that sticking my fingers spreads the bacteria inside my cream. Using a q-tip will avoid this contact or having a cream that comes in a pump or dispenser. If you do prefer to use your fingers, make sure they are washed just beforehand. 

Taking "too hot" showers 

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Hot water dissolves your natural body oils and makes skin dry out. It's also a big cause of dandruff as it dries out the scalp and makes the skin flake off. Take warm showers instead and by the end, turn the water all the way to cold and stay under for a few seconds. This promotes blood circulation according to my grandmother, and she had great skin!

Time to come clean: have you been making any of these mistakes? I certainly have! 

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