Audrey Hepburn Was The Inspiration Behind This New Gorgeous Lipstick

audrey hepburn
Paramount Pictures

Nowadays, it seems like beauty products are becoming increasingly difficult to navigate. From silicone applicators to eyebrow cushions, serums to peptides, it feels as though you need some sort of science degree to understand beauty. In the old days, products were pretty straightforward. There were mascaras that came in tubes, powder inside tin cans that came with a huge puff, and perfume that has a bulb sprayer and tassel attached. You would rarely see these interesting packaging in modern boutiques, but good thing we have Bésame Cosmetics to provide us our vintage makeup fix.

The indie makeup line is known for creating products inspired by the golden age of cinema in Los Angeles, California. Their entire range of beauty products are artfully crafted and come in vintage packaging, you'd think they were straight out of the early 1900s!

For their latest offering, Bésame Cosmetics launched a new lipstick, and it's inspired by none other than Audrey Hepburn. The shade is unlike anything the brand has ever done, as it's a gorgeous soft peach color that stands out among the usual reds and crimsons Bésame currently has on their roster. The shade is called the 1965 Portrait Peach, inspired by the pale, muted lips of the 1960s.

While brands like TooFaced and ColourPop made the peachy hue trendy again, we must not forget the OG Peach Queen who originally popularized the shade. "A soft and flattering color on all skin tones, this makes it the perfect everyday shade or companion to a smokey eye look. We think of Twiggy and 60s Audrey Hepburn when we swipe on this gorgeous color," the brand wrote on the website.

The lipstick is now available for purchase online. Bésame released it right on Audrey's birthday, May 4. So if you're a fan of vintage beauty and are looking for a new lipstick to use for spring and summer, head on this way!

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