These 90s Hairstyles Are Making A Comeback

These 90s Hairstyles Are Making A Comeback
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The 90s was a decade filled with eccentric fashion, Afrocentrism, and unique hairstyles. From Halle Berry's classic pixie to the assymetrical bob, hairdos from the 90s are unforgettable. So much so that they are coming back into style, so no need to worry about being last century!

Finger Waves

Sleek, short, and eye catching, the classic finger waves were common in the 90s for rapper Missy Elliot as well as for many others. This hairstyle still has its allure, as you can find many women today bringing back ( and rocking!) the short and wavy cut.

The High-Top Fade

This hairdo featuring shaved sides was popularized in the 90s, and made even more famous by Kid of the hip hop twosome Kid n' Play. Today, you'll find many barbers serving up the style as it makes its return in the 2000s. It even looks great on women!

Bantu Knots

This bold look is thought to have originated from a southern African tribe. In the 90s, bantu knots were worn by many, including Da Brat and Halle Berry. With the rise of the natural hair community in recent years, many women rock this look as a protective style and as a way to achieve gorgeous curls minus the heat. Rihanna also famously rocked bantu knots (also known as Zulu Knots) at 2014's iHeartRadio Music Awards.

Assymetrical Bob

Hear about a bob with uneven sides and you may be skeptical, but this is a style that you have to see to believe. It just works. Salt N Pepa rocked this style effortlessly in the 90s and so can you today, because it's still hot. You can also try adding your own flair by using pops of color, highlight, or by cutting your bob to longer or shorter lengths.

The Pixie Cut

Perhaps Halle Berry's most famous hairstyle, the pixie haircut was a chic way to rock a short 'do. It highlights the face and draws attention, so it's no surprise that this hairstyle is trendy yet again. 

Big Curly Hair

Back when Mariah Carey was hitting her high notes in the 90s, she was rocking her trademark curly hair. You may also remember Carrie Bradshaw of "Sex & The City" who rocked her naturally curly hair in their first few seasons. Now that the charm of the flat iron has settled a bit, a lot more women are opting for big curly locs to cascade down and frame the face. Bold and gorgeous, you can't go wrong with this style.

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