Korean Beauty Secrets That Will Change Your Life Forever

Korean Beauty Secrets That Will Change Your Life Forever

The principles of the Korean beauty routine have been steadily making their way stateside, and our skin is so lucky for it. What started out as a love affair with sheet masks (thank God for those potent moisture bombs!) has now bloomed into a bevy of beauty vloggers and skincare experts letting us in on the genius, gentleness, and skin-changing techniques of K-beauty. Founder of quintessential K-beauty online store Soko Glam Charlotte Cho spoke with Byrdie about some her favorite tips. Here's what we learned!

1. Go for a gel or water-based eye cream before makeup.

Because gel and water-based formulas leave skin quenched and matte without the potential cakiness of a cream product, they serve up double the goods by acting as a moisturizer and an eye primer. Awesome.

2. Two is better than one...

...when it comes to moisturizers, that is. For your most hydrated skin, using a water or gel-based product first, letting it fully absorb, and then using an oil or cream-based moisturizer on top is the way to go. Just make sure you go in this order, as a water or gel-based product on top of an oil or cream-based product won't be able to penetrate the skin.

3. Make it a double.

The power of two runs strong in the K-beauty routine, and masking up is no different. The sensitive skin beneath your eyes may call for a mask all its own, and Cho recommends applying your eye patches first and then placing your sheet mask over top for maximum moisture.

4. Set your makeup with this cool technique.

For the Jamsu technique, all you need is baby powder and some cold water. The technique works like this: after applying your primer, foundation, and concealer, sprinkle some baby powder on your face. Then, dunk your face into some cold water, wait 15-20 seconds, get outta there, and pat your face dry. Continue on with the rest of your makeup, and boom! You've got a face that won't move all day. Take a look at this video of a Byrdie editor trying it out!

5. Massage your lotion into your body with a firm hand.

While facial skin benefits from lightly tapping your products in with as little tugging and manipulation as possible, the skin on the rest of our bodies does great with a firmer touch while moisturizing. "Use upward movements when moisturizing your legs and arms, and circular motions for the rest of your body. This helps loosen tight, stressed muscles and promotes circulation, which boosts energy levels and can help tone the body," Cho told Byrdie.


6. Speaking of massage...

Massaging the the neck and décolleté is not only super relaxing, but also releases tension in the shoulders, which contributes to muscle and skin sagging in all the surrounding areas. On top of that, massaging this area will promote circulation to your entire face, which helps retain the skin's youthful lift.

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